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Lenses are the most important part of your glasses, they are the bit that make your glasses work after all. The frame is there only there to hold the lenses up, and they are often the most expensive component of your spectacles. So you want the very best quality lenses you can get. We use Essilor lenses in our spectacles because we believe that they offer the very best quality at an affordable cost.

Essilor have been producing lenses in the UK since 1881 and are best know for the invention of the Varilux lens in 1959. Essilor continue to innovate and their new best in class varifocal lens the X Series won the won the Silmo d’Or prize for Vision at the Salon Mondial de l’Optique 2017.

Essilor produce a wide variety of lenses for both high and low prescriptions, single vision and multifocal, offering thin and light lens options with the latest in coatings providing high scratch resistance and anti-glare properties as well as anti fog and easy clean options.

As well as Essilor we work with local lens laboratory Iceni Optical to provide custom lens options.  So you can be sure that whatever your prescription or lens requirements we can offer a solution to meet your needs.

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