To Polarize or not to Polarize, that is the question ?

About 10 years ago, Martyn our  Dispensing Optician , was stung badly by a Purple-Stinger Jellyfish, whilst swimming  off  the coast of Ibiza . From then on, he has armed himself with a decent pair of Polarised sunglasses and become the ‘Chief Jellyfish Watcher’ on all subsequent holidays. By eliminating the reflections on the water, with the special lenses, you can actually see a few feet into the clear sea and avoid the dreaded stingers , whilst also being able to see the lovelier aquatic life.

Martyn, also keeps a pair of Polarising Sunnies in the car, often relying on them to prevent headaches and hazardous glare, when the sun miraculously emerges.

So if you would like to have high contrast, perfect, glare-free vision then pop in and see us. We have our new 2018 range of  Polarising and Prescription Sunglasses in stock for you to try . We hope to see you in store soon.

Stepper is here !

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new optical frame brand Stepper in store. Since 1970 they have been at the forefront of creating comfortable, well-fitting quality frames. Using mainly Titanium, their frames are light, durable and flexible. They really are a quality brand and we are so happy to bring them to our customers. Come in and see our selection next time you are in town. 

Going, going ,gone !

Hi Everyone,

February is here,and the start of lighter evenings . Our clinics are filling up nicely and thoughts of Spring windows are on our minds. We have been having lots of visits from our Frame Reps ,showing us all the new, lovely frames they have to offer . It seems Navy is the new Black, sparkle is in (like it was ever out), and round is the new square . Keep a look out for all our new frames over the coming month, with new brands being added to our collection .

In the meantime, if you would love to bag a bargain , its your last chance to grab something in our half price frame sale. The sale ends this Saturday ,10th February, so make sure you pop in to see whats available.

We look forward to seeing you in store soon.